Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pink Stripes

'Pink Stripes' (Mike Derrow 2006) has got to be one of the most exciting new directions in daylilies that I've seen.

There are just a few other daylilies with some similar characteristics. These are:
'Fizziwig' (Weston) - not shown on her website...
'Hairbrain' (Weston 2008)
'Doctor Strangelove' (Cochenour 2007)

I have 'Fizziwig', and will try to get 'Doctor Strangelove' in order to try to reinforce the striping genes.... but my current focus is 'Pink Stripes' because Mike has been so good at documenting the results of his breeding with 'Pink Stripes' showing the exciting possibilities. See:
Pink Stripes
2007 Updates

Thanks so much to Mike for being such a great guy and for sharing the information and experiences he's had with his introduction!

Watch this space in 2 years time for what should be some awesome 'Pink Stripes' kids!!