Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Its amazing - the wonderful people that you meet through daylilies, and especially those that share their daylily seeds! Another wonderful lady has provided the following crosses, which fit with my plans for incorporating and exploring more Lambert genetics. It is also thanks to her that I now have a piece of 'Family Portrait' - a great Lambert parent - growing in my garden!

Satin Bird x Family Portrait (and the reciprocal cross) for a total of over 50 seeds to be able to explore a wonderful cross of Childs x Lambert genetics.

Persiflage x Satin Bird

Indian Giver x Satin Bird

Indian Giver x Northwind Dancer - NWD throws some really lovely, unique kids. I just can't get enough of them!!

Chateau La Fite x Northwind Dancer

Cup of Sugar x Northwind Dancer

Cup of Sugar x Viewpoint

Cup of Sugar x Skinwalker

Cup of Sugar x Starsearch

Trahlyta x Starsearch